Friday, December 7, 2012

The curse of the trilogy

Every day I hear kids' excitement about the next book in a series, and then I get to witness their dashed hopes as the subsequent books don't live up to the promise of the first (or second). Here, I'm the one disappointed. Here's my Los Angeles Times review of Ally Condie's Reached.


  1. Oh no! Loved Matched, was willing to wade through book 2 and hopeful book 3 would deliver. Will still read but more for closure than from expectation.

  2. There's still fun to be had with this one -- but it's mainly when you are allowed to go back to book one. (I also just slogged through book two.) You'll see how she takes the air out of the drama and also how she builds up some things that just never pay off -- The Archivists? There's an entire story line that dropped out. Still, go for it! You'll miss the mystery and romance, but you'll be reminded of book one in places and those shards are a lot of fun.